Precise communications are key to co-ordinating any successful shoot, but even more so when filming underwater. To facilitate clear communication underwater there are several useful tools available.From the surface, there is a microphone/speaker system connected by hard-wire to the camera operator who wears a Full-Face Mask with internal microphone and ear-piece, to facilitate 2-way conversation.Also, with the underwater loudspeaker, the director can talk to all members of the underwater crew. The speaker can also be used as play-back for music to achieve lip-sync on music videos

Live video is displayed on the directors 17" video screen, where s/he can direct to all underwater crew via the underwater speaker system. Further monitors can be daisy-chained to the clients' areaThe 1st camera assistant has his eyes on the Odyssey 7Q+ Monitor/Recorder, and through the combined data cable, has access to the full camera menu from an iPad. He is usually manning the 2-way hard-wire communications to the operator, and can relay information to/from the director.

Surface communications box. This allows clear, 2-way conversations between the camera operator and the surface with up to 80m of cable. Parallel to the voice cable is the video assist and camera menu data cable.

The underwater speaker allows the director to speak directly to all the underwater team. It has a 60 meter cable and is audible up to 100 meters from source.

Hardwire (2-way)

The camera operator's full-face mask, incorporating microphone and earpiece, with 80 meters of cable connected to the surface box, and video assist/menu data cable.

Underwater housing connected to video assist and menu data cable, and operator's full face mask connected to the surface communications box.

Underwater Speaker

The underwater speaker comes with 60 m of cable and can function in up to 30m depth.

A "Behind the Scenes" video recorded with a GoPro camera demostrating the clarity of the underwater audio. McLEOD as camera operator.

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