Andy McLeod
Director of Photography
Underwater Cameraman

Show reel - Sea

Andy has 15 years experience shooting underwater on both film & video, and has completed more than 2,500 dives from Antarctica to Zanzibar. He is available as Underwater DoP or 2nd Unit underwater camera operator and has considerable experience shooting commercials, drama and documentaries in both the open ocean as well as in tanks/studios

He also owns an underwater housing and RED Epic Dragon camera (up to 300fps) with Zeiss lenses, complimented with extensive underwater communication equipment. He is a HSE registered commercial diver, Media Diving Supervisor and a SCUBA instructor with both BSAC and PADI.

Recent Underwater Work: Caisse D'epargne - Olympics 2016 Commercial

Behind the Scenes: Stingray shoot with Andy in Tenerife

underwater cameraman