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BP - "Igniting The Energy Within"
Underwater DoP. Format: RED Epic Dragon
Prod: PSONA Films, London
Director: Stewart Sugg
DoP: Stuart Luck
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Water Wipes - "Sea Godess"
Underwater DoP. Format: RED Epic Dragon
Prod: Tiny Elephant - USA
Director: Jeffrey Dechausse,
DoP: Tobia Sempi
Location: Tenerife
Silver Hatch Award 2018 Best Cinematography

Lähitapiola Insurance - Beach
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: Epic Dragon
Prod: Otto Finland.
Director: Pekka Hara,
DoP: Kjell Lagerroos
Location: Tenerife

Caisse D'epargne - Olympics 2016
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: Epic Dragon.
Prod: 80 Agency France
Director Thibault Dumoulin
DoP: Sylvestre Dedise
Location: Lanzarote

Boohoo Clothing - Summer 2015
DoP for whole shoot. Format: Epic Dragon
Prod: Hatch UK
Director: Antoine Piazza
Location: Morocco

Halifax - Holiday Dad
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: RED ONE MX.
Prod: Sonny London
Director: Guy Manwaring
DoP: Mark Patten
Location: Tenerife

Thomson Holidays - Time
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: RED ONE MX
Prod: Academy Films
Director: Martin De Thurah
Location: Tenerife

Europa Bank
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: 35mm.
Prod: Filma Cass
Director: Serdar Isik.
Location: Turkey

Rainbow Tours
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: RED ONE MX
Prod: Papaya Films
Director: Winnie Heun.
Location: Tenerife

Deep Sea World
DoP for whole shoot. Format: Super 16mm.
Prod: Picardy TV
Director: Clive Chapman
Location: Scotland

Arabia Insurance
Underwater DoP. Format: Super 16mm
Prod: The Fantastic Film Factory
Director: Hiram Na´man
Location: Tenerife



Eles Transportan a Morte (Feature Film)
2nd Unit Underwater. Format RED Epic Dragon
Prod: Filmika Galaika and El Viaje Films
Directors: Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado
DoP: Jose Alayón
Location: Tenerife

40º North  Season 1
2nd Unit: Underwater. Format: Alexa Mini
40 North Productions LLC.
Director: Michael Slovis
DoP: Jim Denault
Location: Morocco

Ma Ma (Feature Film - Starring Penelope Crúz)
2nd Unit: Underwater. Format: RED Epic-X
Prod: Ma Ma Productions
Director: Julio Medem
DoP: Kiko de la Rica
Location: Tenerife

Project Lazarus (Feature Film)
2nd Unit: Underwater. Format: RED Epic-X
Arcadia Motion Pictures
Director: Mateo Gil
DoP: Pau Esteve Birba
Location: Tenerife

Sin Identitad (TV Drama Series - Antena 3)
2nd Unit: Underwater. Format: RED Epic-X
Location: Tenerife
Prod: Diagaonal TV
Director: Kiko Ruiz
DoP: Tommie Ferreras
Location: Tenerife

Mutti steigt aus (TV Movie)
2nd Unit: Aerial & Underwater. Format RED ONE MX
Prod: ZDF/Moovie
Director: Gloria Behrens
DoP: Jochen Rademacher
Location: Gran Canaria

Alba (Short Film)
DoP & Underwater Cameraman. Format: RED ONE MX
Prod: FilmCanaryIslands
Director: Jaime Falero
Location: Tenerife

La Última Isla ("The Last Island" - Feature Film)
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: RED ONE MX
Director: Dácil Pérez de Guzmán
DoP: Alberto López
Location: El Hierro

Tenerife South (Pilot: TV Drama)
DoP/Underwater Cameraman. Format: RED ONE MX
Director: Jaime Falero
Producer: Norbert A Schilling
Location: Tenerife



Cinema Release: Against The Tides
Prod: Ocean 7 Silms
Director: Stefan Stuckert
Location: Hawaii. Format RED Dragon

Ch4 TV UK: Daredevils “Ice Man”
Prod: Firecracker Films
Director: Luke Campbell
Location: Finland. Format RED One

Ch5 TV UK: Extreme Fishing with Robson Green
Underwater DoP, Format HD-Cam
Prod: IWC
Director: Jeremy Cadle
Location: Tenerife.

BBC: Get a New Life
2nd Unit Underwater. Format: HDV.
Prod: Brighter Pictures
Director: Charlotte Browne
Location: Tenerife

SKY HD: Final Chance to Save... Sea Turtles
DoP for whole shoot. Format: HD-Cam
Prod: Tiger Aspect Productions
Director: Finn McGough.
Location: Barbados, Trinidad, Suriname.

Discovery Channel: Heart of Ice
DoP for whole shoot. Format: HD-Cam
Prod: TWI Productions
Director: Dan Gold.
Location: Antarctica


Diving Qualifications

  • HSE Commercial Diver Part 4, HSE Media Diver, HSE Diving Supervisor (2001, FortWilliam Scotland)
  • BSAC Open Water SCUBA Instructor (Tenerife 2007)
  • PADI Staff Instructor (Tenerife 2004)
  • Specialist Instructor in the following disciplines: Wreck, Deep, Nitrox, Diver Propulsion Vehicles (ie. Scooters), Draeger Dolphin Rebreather and Ice diving.
  • PADI Divemaster (2001, Fife, Scotland).
PADI Draeger Dolphin semi-closed re-breather diver (Tenerife 2005).
  • Marine and Coastguard Agency  "Boatmaster" (commercial - powered craft up to 12meters, 12 miles off-shore, 12 passengers. Scotland, 1998-2000).
  • Royal Yachting Association, Level 2 Powerboat Instructor.
  • Department of Transport: Personal Survival Techniques at Sea (Edinburgh 1999).
VHF Marine Radio License (Edinburgh 1998, GMDSS upgrade, Tenerife 2004).

  • Current and in-date, first aid and CPR certificate.

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